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With its distinctly ‘Automotive Industry News’ reports, GoAutoNews leads the week for local automotive news and international events

Most GoAutoNews subscribers are active in car retail and service, car manufacturing and importing, OEM parts manufacturing, non-dealer parts and service, fleet operations and fleet support, along with allied industries such as finance, accounting, HR and business consulting.


Readership is still growing steadily and nowadays is even more broad-based with many levels of an organisation receiving the publication directly on email.


GoAutoNews’ breaking-news content and easy reading format has it consumed equally by car company CEO’s, Dealership Directors and Owner’s, Middle to Senior management dealership staff, as well as Engineers, Auto Designers and Technical automotive trades people who all want to (need to) stay abreast of Australia’s ever-changing car industry.


GoAutoNews is available ‘Free’ to the automotive industry and is available each Wednesday.


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