About GoAutoMedia

Australia's most innovative publishing company

The core of GoAutoMedia is the GoAuto Newsroom which was originally founded in 1979 by its proprietor John Mellor – a leading and widely-respected motor industry writer, analyst and commentator.

GoAutoMedia draws on a team of leading, highly respected and experienced Australian motoring editors, journalists, graphic artists, designers and editors.

Using leading-edge technology for automotive page design and content delivery for consumer websites, GoAutoMedia produces:

  • GoAutoNews - The automotive industry's leading newsletter, published weekly and distributed electronically around the world to car company executives, dealership personnel and executives in support industries
  • GoAuto.com.au - The GoAuto.com.au website is a popular destination for car buyers researching their next purchase
  • GoAutoNews Premium - Compelling business, management, motor retailing, technology and dealership design news from across Australasia and around the world
  • GoAutoWords - GoAutoWords automatically adds new model news coverage from John Mellor’s GoAuto Newsroom directly into dealership websites

John Mellor, Publisher, GoAutoMedia
John Mellor is not so much a car enthusiast as a car business enthusiast.

In an extensive career as a publisher, writer, commentator, innovator and analyst, John maintains the editorial direction of the GoAuto editorial team which produces Australia’s leading motor industry publication – GoAutoNews and the leading independent consumer website – GoAuto.com.au.

John’s career spans five decades starting as a cadet at the Melbourne Herald in the 1960s and includes an appointment as a feature writer for The Sun in London soon after it was purchased by Rupert Murdoch.

In the 1970s, he was a motoring writer and feature writer on The Herald before moving to Motor Manual magazine as editor. In the 1980s he started his own motoring editorial newsroom service to other publishers as well as his own publishing ventures and worked closely with the industry consulting group, Martec, and with the then-leading motor industry newsletter, Automotive Industry Matters (AIM).

John founded the Automotive Business section in The Australian newspaper in 1990 in a joint business enterprise with News Limited and was its producer and editorial director. It quickly established itself as the motor industry bible with a wide following from car industry management driving up circulation of the national daily.

In 1998 his motoring newsroom team was appointed by Telstra to produce the automotive content for a new Yellow Pages Automotive online portal.

GoAuto.com.au and GoAutoNews were launched soon after.

In the 1990s he was the driving force behind the production of Australia's premier motor industry seminars – the GoAuto Business Briefings – and since 2002 John used the Briefings format as a keynote speaker at industry forums, conferences and management briefings.

John’s research for his commentary pieces and for his public speaking engagements gives him access to the world’s leading car industry executives. Each year he interviews the management of the most innovative car companies, car dealers and dealer groups to bring intelligence back to the key players in the Australian motor industry.

He is highly respected for his knowledge about the significant changes taking place in the way cars are sold.

John is passionate about the car business and is a strong admirer of the men and women who deliver the complex matrix of services to the motoring public.

For media enquiries relating to automotive industry commentary and for enquiries about speaking engagements please contact: john@goautomedia.net
(03) 9598 6477 or 0425 701 006.

GoAuto Founder: John Mellor