A simple and affordable car news service for dealer websites

Enhance your site with 5 years of independent brand-specific car news from GoAutoMedia

Give your customers a reason to keep returning to your website.
Your customers can browse through our stories about the cars you sell. They can also browse through an extensive gallery of pictures of these cars without leaving your website.

How the service works:
The service is created by cleverly inserting a simple code into the dealers' websites. The code drives GoAuto's proprietary dealer publishing engine which displays GoAuto new model articles and pictures within the dealer's site itself. The service includes:

  • Automatic website navigation systems
  • Arranged by model e.g Amarok, Golf etc
  • Arranged by latest car stories in illustrated lists

Low maintenance: Set and forget.
The code automatically picks up the style sheet (i.e. fonts, colours etc) of the website. This results in complete integration of the stories that look identical to other text and features of the website. Once a new car model is added to GoAuto.com.au, the story will show on the dealership website.

New car leads = sales.
Each story contains a link to contact dealer sales staff which goes through to the “Contact us” page within the dealer’s website.

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